Welcome to uniqony.com!

Hello! My name is Helena and I am a freelance graphic designer, motion designer and artist. In general my style is playful and lighthearted, often with a sense of humour, but still aesthetically pleasing. The techniques I use range from digital art to paintings created with traditional techniques. Enjoy strolling through my portfolio!

Herzlich Willkommen bei uniqony.com !

My services...

Graphic design

Logo Designs, Designs for ads campaigns (e. g. for Facebook) or social media posts, illustrations & designs for advertising material, such as flyers, posters, business cards.


Animations & Motion Designs

Motion graphics, cartoon and text animations for websites, social media posts, Video-Intros....

Animationen & Motion Designs

Handmade artworks

I sell print-on-demand-products of my hand-drawn artworks on a webshop on etsy.com. If you like to add an elegant and spiritual touch to your brand, I could create an illustration or digital asset for your website in my special mandala style.

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