About me

I am Helena Schall from Winterthur. After graduating from university, I continued my education in the direction of graphic design, illustration and animation. In this I found my passion and offer my services as a freelancer under the label UNIQONY.

Funny photos of the freelancer

UNIQONY is a made-up word, which is composed of the words unique and cony (old english word for rabbit). Unique is in my opinion a good description for my fancy style. The rabbit was added for the simple reason that it has always been my favorite animal. This label name was then visualized in a rabbit's head and a carrot, which reminds of the horn of a unicorn, which in turn symbolically stands for uniqueness. Meanwhile, this rabbit has also become independent and so he simply skates here unasked on the website.

Besides bunnies, I also like a whole lot of other things, such as: Salsa dancing, crafting, hiking and occasionally singing out loud. This usually happens when I suddenly get a good idea on how to implement a client's request in an original and visually appealing way. (Luckily I have Southern Italian neighbors who aren't always the quietest themselves, so they have little claim to complain. Haha.) It sounds like a hackneyed cliché, but I also always get the best ideas when I'm not expecting it at the moment, so when I'm doing housework, for example.

Another cliché that applies to my life is that a freelancer's work and free time merge seamlessly. Of course, that has its upsides and downsides. But I personally see the advantages more than the disadvantages. In my free time, for example, I'm always trying out new painting techniques or attending various art events (trade fairs, courses, etc.) that at first glance seem to have nothing to do with my digital art. But directly or indirectly the newly learned techniques or impressions then flow into my commercial art and so unexpected and refreshing designs are created.

I don't just have this openness to new things in the arts. I'm also interested in film and theater, like to watch documentaries on socially relevant topics, enjoy learning foreign languages, and support migrants in volunteer projects. And my open-mindedness led me to move from Germany to Switzerland a few years ago, which I don't regret until now, as I was able to get to know an impressive natural and cultural landscape here.

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